*Smile*... because He has made me glad

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Let me start again

Here I am, back to the blogger's world. This time I've abandoned Xanga and I'm going to use Blogspot teeheehee.

So what have I been doing lately? Well well..let me tell you what happened on my birthday first. To cut the story short, the OCFers marched into my house at 12:00am! It was a total surprise though. Then after everything, Siew Wai said they'll pray for me so she asked me to sit in the middle. Mmm I shouldn't have been so naive haha. But hey, I did ask her whether I'm going to be floured or not (that's what happened to Ian last time!), and she said no, they are nice and they won't do such things. So, we closed our eyes (I guess only I did!!) and bowed down our heads and prayed....(I did hear people moving around but I was too dumb to guess what they were doing). Finally, with a loud AMEN, *baby powder attack*!!! I guess I learnt a new lesson on my 21st birthday, so I'm going to share with you all - never trust the OCFers on your birthday! :P
But despite everything, I'd like to thank everyone who has made their way to give me a surprise party on a cold night (they had to wait outside the house for 15min), and those of you who have wished me a happy birthday in one way or the other. I really thank God for surrounding me with friends like you all. I felt truly blessed :) A big THANK YOU!

Next: exams are finally over! Yeyeyey we are on holidays now! This time round my exam preparation experience had been a bit different from my previous years'. I've never studied with a big group of friends before (my study partner used to be my computer hehe), but this year some of us formed a library study group and we met up everyday (day and night) to study at our dear Barr Smith Library. And I tell you, I'm already missing it! We did everything together -studying, eating, encouraging, stressing, waking each other up, going home, supporting one another- these things surely made the struggles more worthwhle :) Oh well, time flies and life goes on. Thank God for the exams, though stressful at times, surely He was with me carrying me through. He never fails to amaze me, and I think this time, He has blessed me so much by surrounding me with His sweet little angels who can give me a pat on a shoulder and a word of encouragement whenever I needed them :)